Oak 3 | real estate advisor and local point of presence for FII - foreign institutional investors

  • we provide advice and global assistance to our clients
  • we support the sourcing of assets and build strong local partnerships, at all levels
  • we focus on corporate real estate - offices, retail, industrial, hotels & leisure, residential developments, healthcare
  • we are active in Belgium and Luxembourg

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Our missions

Local partner for your investment strategy


Advice and global assistance


Oak 3, advice and global assistance

Niche expert

Our mission starts the day we meet - we will be your eyes and your ears, and will provide you with information so you know where to go. Our recent track records include significant implication in major hotels & leisure parks, offices, retail and residential developments transactions.

Strategic view

We will spend time with your team to understand who you are and how you can succesfully enter the market - trust us as a partner of your business, respectful of your specifications, constraints and targets.

#reactivity #reliability #results

Oak 3, local partner for your investment strategy

Local team

We'll set up a team with ideal partners who will reinforce your ability to proceed succesfully. Property manager, legal assistance, fiscal compliance, real estate brokers, valuators - we know them and will introduce you to the most adequate.

Local expert

We are experienced in the world of construction and real estate, and benefit of an extended network - we'll understand your investment criterias, will bring you to the adequate transaction, and will act as your local operating partner

Belgium - Luxembourg

We know the place - we'll secure the deal

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Let's get in touch

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Are you around? Come and see us, glad to share a coffee

phone | +32 (0)4 76 58 60 80

mail | contact@oak3.eu

Hive5 - 30a Cours Saint Michel, Brussels 1040