FIIS / GVBF New Belgian Real Estate Investment Fund - by PwC

The FIIS / GVBF -  Fonds d'investissement immobilier spécialisé / Gespecialiseerd Vastgoedbeleggingsfonds - is a Belgian special real estate fund regime, dedicated to institutional investors, not listed on a stock exchange, proved to be attractive from a tax perspective for investing in non-Belgian real estate - Here's a bright explanation of a complex regulatory model

2020 commercial real estate outlook - by Deloitte Insights

Since the commercial real estate industry began, location, location, location has always been the traditional mantra. Not anymore - See why.

Six key zones for activity-based workspaces - by Spaceoasis Ltd

An argued focus on concept of activity-based workspace design – where defined zones within the workspace are designed to enable specific activities – increasingly being recognised as a way of boosting productivity and improving wellbeing in the workplace

Comment est taxé le propriétaire d’immeuble en Belgique ? - by Gilles Carnoy

Article étayé sur le régime fiscal en Belgique qui touche la détention d'immeuble par des particuliers, pour en finir avec l'idée que l'immobilier n'est pas taxé... - par Gilles Carnoy, avocat