OFFICE | 'Observatoire des bureaux - 38', État des lieux et pipeline – Zoom sur la ZIR Louise

Ces dernières années, le parc des bureaux bruxellois a connu des évolutions importantes. Où en sont les conversions en logements ? Quels sont les projets en cours ? Quelle est la vacance immobilière ? Tels sont les thèmes abordés par l’Observatoire des bureaux - par

OFFICE | Depuis 1997, cartographie de l'immobilier de bureaux à Bruxelles

Accès direct à la base de donnée et aux différentes publications, depuis 1997, de l'Observatoire des bureaux à Bruxelles, analyse les stocks, le take-up et la vacance, par, 

OFFICE | Snapshot Offices, by CW

Belgian Snapshot Office offer a quarterly brief overview of the office market, trends, facts and figures, by date, compiled over past years, for Brussels' market as well as for most regional cities - to-the-point market views by Cushman & Wakefield

OFFICE | Brussels Market Dashboard, H1 2019, by BNPPRE

After a 1st quarter marked by an exceptional take-up level, the Brussels office market followed this trend during Q2 2019 and has recorded another significant milestone. This is the most detailed facts & figures dashboard currently available on local market activity, by BNP Paribas Real Estate (BNPP RE)

OFFICE | Brussels Flex market 2019, disruption or distraction? by JLL

Fex operators like WeWork, Spaces, SilverSquare and Fosbury & Sons are expanding fast in Brussels and contributed to significant part of take-up. At less than 1%, the flex share of total stock in Brussels is low compared to other European cities - a complete market analysis by Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL)

RETAIL | 'Observatoire des commerces - 2019', Analyse des comportements d'achats à Bruxelles

Analyse l’évolution de la fonction commerciale dans les noyaux commerciaux bruxellois, quartier par quartier - par, et ULB-IGEAT 

RETAIL | Depuis 1999, analyse de la fonction commerciale dans les noyaux commerciaux à Bruxelles

Accès direct à la base de données et aux différentes publications depuis 1999 de l'Observatoire des commerces, par, et ULB-IGEAT

RETAIL | Snapshot Retail, by CW

Belgian Snapshot Retail offer a brief overview of the retail market, trends, facts and figures, by date, compiled over past years, for most significant local markets in Belgium - to-the-point market views by Cushman & Wakefield

RETAIL | Belgium Retail Marketview H1 2019, by CBRE

Belgian retail market continues to work through its transition to a modern, responsive market shaped by e-commerce and changing consumer habits, urban planning and mobility - a bright analysis by CBRE

HOTEL | Belgium Marketbeat Hotels H1 2017, by CW

Belgian hotel market's recovery from the negative consequences of the Paris and Brussels terrorist attacks in 2015 and 2016 is well underway. International investors and operators are now evaluating their presence and are expanding in key locations - an in-depth analysis by Cushman & Wakefield

RESIDENTIAL | House prices in Belgium, H1 2019, by Statbel

House prices for the first semester of 2019, with historical perspective since the year 2011, based on effective real estate transactions, detailed on a commune-per-commune and building type category, available for the entire territory, by Statbel, the Belgian statistical office

RESIDENTIAL | Rent level of appartments in Brussels, by Observatoire régional de l'habitat

Rents, offer and demand scanned for appartments, all around Brussels' territory, detailed on a commune-per-commune basis, with 118 local sub-districts, and all this per appartment type (1-2 room), based on 2018 figures, by Observatoire régional de l'habitat